2000 - Е.Л. Фейнберг и J.D.Bjorken


Pomeranchuk Prize winners 2000

According to the decision of the International Pomeranchuk Prize Committee the Pomeranchuk Prize for 2000 is awarded to E.L.Feinberg (Lebedev Institute, Moscow) and to J.D.Bjorken (SLAC).


The Prize is awarded to J.D.Bjorken for his outstanding contributions to particle physics and quantum field theory, in particular for formulation the scaling law in deep inelastic processes. Professor James Bjorken is the famous theoretician. Among Dr. Bjorkens most important theoretical research achivements: The development, simultaneously and independent from Drs. Ken Johnson and Francis Low of limiting behavior of interaction amplitudes in quantum field theory - the so called BJL asymptotic limit for large $q_0$. Formulation of the rigorous "Bjorken Sum Rules" for the difference between spin dependent scattering amplitudes of polarized electrons from polarized protons and neutrons. In collaboration with Dr. Sheldon Glashow Dr. Bjorken extended the underlying symmetry structure of elementary particles from SU(3) to SU(4) and introduced the experimentally confirmed "charm" quantum number. Together with S. Drell he wrote the two well famous textbooks, Relativistic Quantum Mechanics and Field Theory, that served for many years as a standard reference to graduate education.


The Prize is awarded to E.L.Feinberg for his outstanding contributions to theoretical physics and especially to the theory of inelastic collisions of hadrons. Professor Evgenii L'vovich Feinberg is a staff member at the Lebedev Institute, a member of the Russian Academy of Science. He was a postgraduate student of Prof. I.E.Tamm. During his long carreer his interest varied from problems of radiophysics and statistical acoustics, of low energy neutron physics and neutron spectroscopy to particle physics and nuclear interactions at high energies. He is the author of more than 100 scientific publications and several books. His papers and books include:

  • "About the external diffractive production of particles in nuclear collisions" (with I.Ya. Pomeranchuk, 1953)
  • "Propagation of radiowaves along the terristrial surface" (1961)
  • "Direct production of photons and dileptons in multiple hadron production" (1976)
  • "Hadron clusters and half-dressed particles in quantum field theory" (1980)