2002 - Л.Д. Фаддеев и B.DeWitt


Pomeranchuk Prize Winners 2002

According to the decision of the International Pomeranchuk Prize Committee the Pomeranchuk Prize for 2002 is awarded to L.D.Faddeev (St.Petersburg Branch of Steklov Mathematical Institute) and to B.DeWitt (University of Texas, Austin).

The Prize is awarded to L.D.Faddeev and B.S.DeWitt for discovery and development of quantization methods in gauge theories, which laid the foundation for understanding the quantum dynamics of gauge fields.


Professor Ludvig Dmitrievich Faddeev is a Deputy Director of St. Petersburg Devision of Steklov Mathemetical Institute (PDMI) and Director of the Euler International Mathemetical Institute, which is a Department of PDMI. He is full member of Russian Academy of Science (RAS) and the Head of Mathemetical Department of RAS. Among Faddeev's most famous theoretical research achievements in physics: the development in collaboration with V.Popov and independently B.DeWitt the way to quantize nonabelian gauge theories (L.D.Faddeev,V.N.Popov.,Phys.Lett. B25(1967)30; B.DeWitt.,Phys.Rev.160 (1967)1113,1195). These works had a revolutionary influence on modern physics. Faddeev also found the complete solution of the quantum problem of three particles and since that time the words "Faddeev's equations" sounds like a folklore in modern nuclear physics. Together with V.E.Zakharov he developed an extremely useful hamiltonian approach to the theory of solitons. L.D.Faddeev together with E.K.Sklyanin and L.A.Takhtajan have developed the quantum inverse scattering method, which may be considered as basis approach to modern quantum group theory. He is the author of several books and monographies. In 1991 he got the ITCP Dirac medal.


Professor Emeritus Bruce S. DeWitt's main achievement is extension of the methods of quantum theory to nonabelian gauge fields including quantum gravity. He created an approach to quantum field theory, which consitently combined this theory with geometry and owing to this, became a basis of the modern development. To him belongs also a covariant renormalization theory which in a more general setting is known as the Schwinger-DeWitt technique. The so-called Wheeler-DeWitt equation is at the basis of quantum cosmology. DeWitt is a pioneer of numerical methods in general relativity. A large impact had his work on the radiation of the gravitationally accelerated charge, and to many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. He is the author of several books and important review articles. His last book "The Global Approach to quantum Field Theory" contains about a thousand pages and sums up an epoch in this area of theoretical physics. In 1987 for his achievements Professor Bruce DeWitt got the ITCP Dirac medal.

Prof. B.S.DeWitt and Scientific director of ITEP Prof. M.V.Danilov
Prof. N.B.Narozhnij(MEPhI, Moscow),
Prof. D.Osheroff(Stanford University, USA), Prof.L.B.Okun(ITEP, Moscow), Prof. B.DeWitt