2004 - А.Ф. Андреев и А.М. Поляков


Pomeranchuk Prize winners 2004

According to the decision of the International Pomeranchuk Prize Committee the Pomeranchuk Prize for 2004 is awarded to A.F.Andreev (Kapitsa Institute for Physical Problems, Moscow).


The Prize is awarded to A.F.Andreev for his outstanding contributions to low-temperature quantum physics.

Professor Alexander Fedorovich Andreev is Director of Kapitsa Institute for Physical Problems. He is a full member of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Academician-Secretary of the Department of Physical Science, Vice-President of RAS.

He is known as a great specialist in low-temperature quantum physics. He has developed the so-called theory of quantum crystal ( together with E.M.Lifshits ). Among his main achievements is the discovery of a new type of reflection off the boundary normal metal-- superconductor. This phenomenon is called now "Andreev's reflections" and is included into text-books on solid state physics. This effect acquires an increasing amount of applications in the science and technology. Andreev also has predicted a new type of oscillations of crystal surfaces -- the crystallization waves.

In 1986 for his achievements in Physics he was awarded the State Lenin Prize.


According to the decision of the International Pomeranchuk Prize Committee the Pomeranchuk Prize for 2004 is awarded to A.M.Polyakov (Princeton University, USA).

I.Ya.Pomeranchuk Prize is awarded to Professor Alexander M. Polyakov for his outstanding contributions to quantum field and string theories.

Joseph Henry Professor of Physics Alexander M. Polyakov is the member of the US National Academy of Sciences (NAS). He was among the first to emphasize the importance of scale invariance in quantum field theory. He also was one of the first to recognize the relevance of the topological ideas in field theory. He is known for a number of basic contributions to quantum field theory, including work on what is now called the 'tHooft-Polyakov monopole in non-abelian gauge theory ( independently from Gerard 'tHooft, 1974). Together with A.Belavin, A.Schwarz and Yu.Tyupkin he has found the instanton solution in Yang-Mills theory (1975). His work on classification of 2-dimension conformal field theories ( in collaboration with A.Belavin and A.Zamolodchikov, 1984) has also classic status.

In 1981 he reformulated the string theories in terms of a covariant path integral ( the Polyakov's action). He was the first who formulated the correspondence between the string theory in AdS space and supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory in D=4.

A.Polyakov has developed the new approach to the theory of turbulence. He was awarded Dirac Medal in 1986 and Lorenz Medal in 1994.

Laureats of the Pomeranchuk Prize 2004 A.Polyakov and A.Andreev with Professor Karen Ter-Martirosyan
Deputy Director of ITEP M.Danilov and Pomeranchuk Prize Laureats 2004 A.Polyakov and A.Andreev
The Chairman of the International Pomeranchuk Prize Committee
A.Kaidalov with Laureats 2004 A.Polyakov and A.Andreev